Pavilion roof cover – Step by Step (Part 2)

4. Fasten Vordeckplane and Traufteile on roof

The handyman screwed firmly at the bottom of each Vielecksflächen ever a fitting Traufteil. The insulating Vordeckplane he puts in parallel to the eaves over the entire roof surface. Fasten by nails with a horizontal overlap of ten centimeters above the eaves. The facia boards are screwed to the side edges over the Vordeckplane. Save out of screws and nails. The steeper the roof is, the more fasteners are required.

5. Prepare the top row of bitumen roofing

After laying the canopy tarp by yourself, nail the top row bitumen felt on the roof of the pavilion. Shorten the shingle tabs in the front row to the end of the blade incision. The shingle he lays out a few millimeters above the eaves and the edges and in the length of it is reducing by half tongue. The initial series meet so the butt joint is not on the sequence number.

6. Install the top row with nails

When fitting the nails per two centimeters above the leaf cuttings and two to three centimeters on all sides. All nail heads are flush by straight hammering. In steep roofs use more nails and do not forget the bonding with bitumen adhesive.

7. Fix the result rows

The episode series shingles begins with a full shingle. When nailing pay attention to the following page margins and Traufteile. For the second row remove half a tongue from the top shingle. The laying of the series begins in the margin, the lower tongue ends of the row are flush with the sheet cut tips of the previous row. Joints must not overlap. Therefore remove for each additional series per half tongue.

8. First cover with individual shingles

With a roof ridge, the last step is the first installation. Individual shingle sections cover the tip from watertight. This is done according to the principle of double coverage. The ridge pieces overlap on all sides equally the terminal rows. The best cuts of home improvement, the roofing felt to first cover the incisions into individual pieces.

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